Approaching Your Neighbors

Remember a Good Fence Makes a Good Neighbor and Has its Benefits

We at Arena Fence are here to help you and will privately consult with your neighbor's to resolve any issues or concerns if need be.

The first step in getting your fence or deck built at a reasonable cost is to share the cost with your neighbor`s as most homes share property lines on all sides is to have a friendly conversation with them about your intentions to build the fence and if they are willing to do theirs also at the same time in order to save costs If you or your neighbor`s want to build a deck also at the same time, Arena Fence has special pricing for two or more decks at a time .

Your neighbor`s priorities might be different than yours as far as timing or affordability goes to get their entire fence done so they could just get the fence on your shared property lines done and under certain situations Arena Fence can make a payment schedule with individuals to assist in getting their project completed.

Once you have talked to your neighbor's give us a call and we will be glad to assist everyone in answering their concerns from start to finish in providing any and all the information that you will need to complete your projects in a professional manner .

Whatever the cost per lineal foot is it will be divided in half where a neighbor shares your property lines and THAT ADDS UP TO A 50% DISCOUNT FROM HAVING TO DO IT YOUR SELF!

Fences will always get put up sooner or later and sooner is the better way to go because of privacy ,safety for pets and children, security from back yard thefts or break ins not to mention the ever rising costs of materials each year .

Payment plans are available upon request - a reasonable service charge will apply.